PEL distribution transformers range includes oil immersed core type transformers, Dry type (VP impregnated) transformers and autotransformers. These transformers are tailor made for various ratings. IEC or national standards are followed. We offer distribution transformers voltage up to 33 kV and ratings up to 30 MVA. PEL offers transformer tanks with corrugated walls, detachable radiators and tubular arrangement. The corrugated tanks have a better cooling efficiency, since the fins are expandable. Tanks are hermetically sealed where possible. In order to meet sophisticated requirements of customers PEL has also started manufacturing transformers with foil winding. Foil winding efficiently uses space which results in size reduction. It has better heat dissipation and also increases potential to withstand short circuit current. PEL transformers are available for various applications:


  • Distribution Transformers (Pole /Pad Mounted)
  • Auto Transformers
  • Furnace Transformers
  • Welding Transformers
  • Chokes for furnace Transformers
  • Any other special requirement


Extensive experience and success in manufacturing distribution transformers led to the establishment of power transformer division in 2005. Since its birth the division has produced transformers of ratings 31/40MVA, 20/26MVA, and 10/13MVA for ratings up to 132 KV. In order to provide its customers the best of technology and products of international competence, PEL has combined its technical expertise with GANZ, a renowned and experienced Hungarian transformer manufacturer.
PEL is also exporting Power Transformer to International customers for their special requirements and specifications. PEL power transformers are equipped with best transformer accessories like OLTC from MR (Germany), High Voltage Bushing from PASSONI & VILLA (Italy), Buchholz Relay from EMB (Germany), insulation material from WEIDMANN (Switzerland), silicon steel from THYSSEN (Germany), and cooling fans from SCHORMANN (Germany). Material of the windings is usually 99.99% pure electrolytic copper. Multiple conductors as well as CTC are used in winding. The magnetic cores are manufactured from cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) steel sheets. A robust clamping structure, jointing technique and cutting and mitering of laminations ensure low no load losses. The steel sheets in the core limbs and in the yokes are clamped together by glass-epoxy bands.


Tank is constructed with boiler steel plates welded together and a cover plate bolted on top. Strength is ensured by stiffeners. Earthing terminals are attached to both sides of tank. Measuring Instruments are installed on cover plate. Surface protection is done by the process of sand blasting and by applying weather resistant paint. Tap changers are in accordance with IEC standards. Usually motorized On-Load tap changers are provided for voltage regulation. Off- Load tap changers can be installed on request. The diverter switch is placed in hermetically sealed oil filled chamber in order to avoid contamination of oil in main tank.


The demand of electricity in Pakistan has been increasing rapidly in the last few years. There is a mushroom growth in the high rise buildings, shopping areas, CNG and petrol stations, residential colonies, etc. Due to the scarcity of space in cities, installation of conventional oil type transformers in such congested and populated areas is always a big safety risk. The developed as well as many developing countries are installing dry type transformers as a solution for ensuring safety in such scenarios.

Types of Dry Type Transformers
There are primarily two main manufacturing techniques for dry type transformers; Cast Resin and Vacuum Pressure Impregnated (VPI) with their own typical features. The main difference is their insulation class; Cast Resin is Class F (155°C) and VPI is Class H (180°C). The Vacuum Pressure Impregnated transformers not only offers in-build safety feature but there are many other advantages of using these transformers such as improved reliability, reduced losses, minimal maintenance, enhanced overloading capability etc.


PEL’s Initiative for Technology Transfer
Considering these advantages of dry type transformers, Pak Elektron Limited (PEL) took the initiative and went into a Technology Transfer Agreement in March 2007 with DuPont Pakistan Limited (DPOL) for Designing and Manufacturing of Vacuum Pressure Impregnated dry transformers with Nomex® paper. PEL is now pleased to announce that PEL will be the first local company in the production of dry type transformers in Pakistan.

Advantages of Dry Type Transformers with VPI Technology using NOMEX®
Enhanced Safety With the increasing costs of low voltage cables, it has become a trend to bring high voltage lines close to installed loads. For cost reasons, transformers are located near habitable areas such as buildings where fire risk has to be minimized. Additionally, industries such as chemical, mining, etc. are also a potential risk of fire. Ventilated Dry type transformers (VDT) have no fluids to spill, explode or burn, and the insulation used (NOMEX®) does not support combustion in air. Therefore, these transformers ensure enhanced safety of equipment against fire hazards.

Reduced Losses
Dry type transformers can be located close to their loads, such as; inside factories, schools, hospitals and apartments and as a result low-voltage lines can be shortened with a consequent reduction of the related losses.

Increased Reserve Capacity
If transformers are to be operated continuously at or near their rated loads, efficiency is of prime importance. In this case, one could select 80°C-rise in VDT units insulated with NOMEX®, allowing these units to operate continuously above (potentially up to 30 percent more than) the rated load (if needed, for example, due to unplanned expansions) at a much lower cost (in increased load loss) than that associated with adding an additional transformer.

Improved Reliability
Transformers are inherently reliable pieces of equipment. Surveys published by IEEE show failure rates of modern ventilated dry-type transformers equivalent to conventional fluid-filled units in the same power and voltage classes. However, in case of difficulty, dry types can be easily inspected and minor repairs conducted on site and repair time for dry-type units is also considerably shorter.

Minimal Maintenance
Dry type transformers require an annual inspection and only cleaning of dust which can block path of the cooling medium i.e. air. This is only where the maintenance is required to be carried out. This considerably reduces the running cost. Whereas periodic inspection for leaks and rust is required for liquid cooled transformers. Liquid coolants need continuous monitoring and have to be reconditioned when necessary.

Reduced Cost of Cabling
VPI transformers installation does not require particular fire safety arrangements; consequently the transformers can be installed near the load. This results in reducing the high costs of LT cabling.

Resistance to Humidity
Vacuum pressure resin impregnation of the insulation paper covering the conductors and the other insulation components make it resistant to moisture and polluted atmospheres. This allows the placement of VDT units in many locations not considered in the past.

Friendly to the environment
In these transformers, no liquids is used, thus no risks for any kind of leakage, moreover, no toxic or corrosive gasses, nor halogens are released from the transformer in case of any accident/fire. At the end of their useful life, VDT units can easily be dismantled, and the copper (or aluminum) conductors recovered, along with the steel core. A further impetus to wider use of dry-type transformers has been the PCB hazard which is present for many oil filled transformers.

Improved Capability for Harmonic Loading
Transformers supplying loads with heavy harmonic content frequently see high hot-spot temperatures. Standard transformers typically reduce the base temperature to compensate, which increases the size of the unit. Dry-type transformers designed with NOMEX® still have a large reserve temperature capability to accommodate these hot spots, with no loss of life.


AMR is the technology of automatically collecting consumption and status data from energy metering devices and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing. It provides real time & Pre Programmed Interval consumption rather than on estimates based on previous or predicted consumption. This timely information coupled with analysis, can help both utility providers and customers better control the use and production of electric energy consumption.
PEL AMR enabled meters are based on RF and GSM/GPRS technologies. This includes Single Phase, Three Phase and LT/HT meters. PEL based AMR Server is used to collect data from the AMR meters for detailed analysis and billing purposes. The AMR software interface is very user friendly and easy to understand for utility staff. Moreover these meters comply with DLMS/COSEM protocol.
PEL has its own developed state of the art in-house facility for Research, development and production of AMR Enabled Meters. Our team of engineers is continuously working on the development of AMR based energy meters.





  • HT/LT Type Multi-rate Meters With GSM/GPRS Module. Accuracy Class 0.5
  • Three Phase Whole Current Meters with (GSM/GPRS Module) & Prepayment Option.
  • Single Phase Meters with RF Module and HHU.
  • Three Phase Meters with RF Module and HHU.


  • HT/ LT Type Multi-Rate (TOD/TOU) Solid State Energy Meter With integrated GSM/GPRS module
  • Compliance with all relevant IEC Specifications
  • Compliance with DLMS protocol
  • Compliance with all relevant specifications of PEPCO
  • Accuracy Class 0.5s
  • Integrated GPRS Modem
  • Hardware & Software Configurable Power Supply
  • Same meter is used both for HT & LT Networks
  • DLMS UA Certified
  • Standard optical port along with RS 232 & FIR communication ports
  • Alarm LED to indicate abnormal conditions
  • Automatic Alarm Generation for tempering events to the server
  • Temper Alerts via SMS to pre defined mobile numbers


  • Three Phase Whole Current Meters with (GSM/GPRS Module) & Prepayment Option.
  • Compliance with all relevant IEC Specifications
  • Compliance with DLMS protocol
  • Compliance with all relevant specifications of PEPCO
  • Integrated GPRS Modem
  • Integrated Relay/Contactor for Remote Connect/Disconnect
  • Standard optical port along with RS 232 & FIR communication ports
  • Alarm LED to indicate abnormal conditions
  • Automatic Alarm Generation for tempering events to the server
  • Temper Alerts via SMS to pre defined mobile numbers


  • Single Phase Meters with RF Module and HHU.
  • Integrated RF Module (433MHz)
  • Data Collection through HHU
  • Complaint to IEC Specifications.
  • Complaint to WAPDA Specification. (DDS-65:2003 & DDS-91:2009 & DDS-105:2011)
  • Three Phase Meters with RF Module and HHU
  • Integrated RF Module (433MHz)
  • Data Collection through HHU
  • Complaint to IEC Specifications.
  • Complaint to WAPDA Specification. (DDS-60:2007 & DDS-91:2009 & DDS-105:2011)




Salient Features:

  • Web Based Interface
  • User Authentication & Management System
  • Database Integration & Backup System
  • Utility (DISCO) Based Access
  • Real Time Device Status
  • User Selectable Views
  • Tabular Data View
  • Graphical Comparison & Analysis
  • Job Scheduling System
  • Communication Logging
  • Multiple Protocol Support

Software Architecture:


User Interface Application:


  • User Secure Login
  • Meter Management
  • Easy Meter Data Accessibility
  • All types of Meters can be organize
  • Customer hierarchy up to any Level
  • User Management Portal
  • User Roles Management
  • Graphical Interface


Following are some key products in LV category.

LV Distribution Panel
Indoor and outdoor type sheet steel fabricated, free standing, front or rear accessibility, cable or bus duct connections are supplied complete with air circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, load break switches, necessary meters, relays and instruments etc. Breakers of either fixed or draw–out versions can be supplied as required. Switchgears Panels are extensible on both sides.

Technical Specification:
Rated voltage up to 690/750V
Rated current up to 6000A
Rated S.C. Current up to 100KA

LV Power Factor Improvement Panel (PFI)
These panels are used for power factor correction and manufactured as indoor units with fixed or automatic capacitor switching. The panel is designed to align and couple with the LT distribution panels. If requested, reactors can be used to eliminate unwanted harmonics. The PFI panel is of self-ventilating design.
The components used are highly robust and reliable.

  • Microprocessor based control unit with built in PF meter, user–friendly programmable parameters (sequence, C/K, switching delay etc.).
  • Adequately rated air break contractors backed by HRC fuses.
  • Self-healing, internally protected, dry type capacitors, having very low losses and rated for 1.1x Un and 1.3xIn.

Motor Control Centre (MCC)
These panels are manufactured at various power levels as indoor units. Draw–out units vary in size and power level. Interlocks, covers, etc. are provided to prevent incorrect or unsafe operation and to prevent access to live parts. The bus bars are at the top of the assembly and are contained within segregated chambers. The riser bars also run within a segregated chamber, down each rack section to feed individual compartment through an automatic shutter system. These units are used at command and control system. Repair and maintenance can be carried out on a withdraw-able unit without interrupting power to the other units.

Bus Tie Duct (BTD)
We at PEL develop and fabricate made-to measure low voltage Bus Duct systems is air insulated, non–segregated construction. Our Bus Ducts are designed to meet the required voltage, ampere and fault level ratings. Copper bus bars are sized in accordance with the specified ratings to operate within IEC temperature rise limits. Joints are tin-plated. Provision for the bus expansion is furnished as required by the configuration and length of each system. Flexible connections are provided at the transformer end to absorb the vibrations. Enclosure up to 3000A rating is made of sheet steel while above 3000A (up to 6000A), non-magnetic aluminum enclosures are used to eliminated hysteresis losses. The enclosure is of self-ventilating design.

Other LV Equipments
PEL’s other LV Switchgear products include the following

  • Relay and control panels for 132/ 220KV Grid Stations
  • AC/DC Auxiliary Services Panels
  • Piano type control desks
  • Distribution boards for power as well as for lighting
  • Feeder Pillars
  • Any other special requirement


Following are some key products in MV category.

MV Metal Clad Switchgear Cubicles

  • Air insulated, single bus bar system
  • Protection to IP4X (enhanced degrees as option)
  • Maintenance- free VCB/ SF6 breakers
  • Interchangeability of similar rated breakers


  • Metal clad and compartmentalized design to

IEC 62271-200

  • Easily and safely accessible service and test positions
  • Prevention of operator errors with interlocks
  • Type tested as per IEC 62271-200 and WAPDA Standards

Adaptable to various types of switching devices (vacuum contractor/ disconnect switches etc.) Technical Specification
Rated voltage up to 17.5KV
Rated current 630A – 2500A
Rated short time current up to 40KA
Protection class IP4X
CB Type Vacuum / SF6

MV Pad Mounted Transformers – (Compact sub-stations)
Main components of this unit are medium voltage switchgear arranged to function as a Ring Main Unit (2- TP disconnect switches and 1-fused T-off), transformer, LV Switchgear and control gear, corresponding interconnections and auxiliary equipment. Enclosure is made of 2-3 mm sheet steel. These sub-stations are manufactured for outdoor use, suitable for mounting on a concrete pad. Door interlocks and other safety features are inherent part of the design. These compact substations are used in distribution centers and industrial installations haviتng underground cabling.

Technical Specification:
Rated voltage up to 17.5 KV
Transformer rating up to 1000 KVA
Protection class IP54

Kiosk Type Compact Sub Stations – Walk in type
These Sub-Stations have almost the same functional features as Pad Mounted Transformers (Compact Sub-Stations), except that these are walk–in-type and the operation of the devices can be performed while standing inside the station. MV switching device is selected in accordance with customer’s specification. It could be a compact RMU or isolating switches, as required. The kiosk is self-contained sub-station having its own source of auxiliary supply (battery & battery charger) and is supplied complete with protection and metering devices, internal lights, etc., ready for external cable connections and commissioning.

Other MV Equipments
PEL’s other LV Switchgear products include the following

  • Air insulated, single bus bar system
  • Protection to IP4X (enhanced degrees as option)
  • Maintenance- free VCB/ SF6 breakers
  • Interchangeability of similar rated breakers


With restructuring of power sector in Pakistan and increase in economic, commercial & industrial activities, more power utilities and other customers demanded high value packaged solutions for their transmission systems and enterprise electrification requirements. To meet this demand PEL established an Engineering Procurement and Construction division. PEL’s EPC Division consists of human resource with high academic qualifications and experience of local as well as global market. The EPC division delivers custom designed and built solutions in following areas:

  • 132kV and 220kV grid stations for power utility companies
  • 132kV and 11kV substations for industrial and commercial customers
  • Integration of private captive power generation plants into utility network for sale of their surplus power to utility companies
  • Power delivery systems for Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
  • Electrical Plant for, Thermal & Hydro Power Units
  • Electrification of commercial, housing projects and industrial parks

Our services include:

  • Design & Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Project Execution
  • Turnkey or customized projects
  • Automations, Hi-tech Systems & Solution
  • Field Services for Erection, Testing & Commissioning
  • Maintenance of Plant/Equipment

Our turkey power supply systems give you unique value added services. In addition to employing its own resources, PEL keeps a well managed supply chain of internationally renowned manufacturers and service providers to complete the project scope. As such, the end product is a reliable, high quality and price-wise most optimum solution.


1. 132/11kV AIS Satellite Town substation, Rawalpindi-Pakistan 2. 132/11kV GIS DHA substation Islamabad-Pakistan 3. 132/11kV AIS Ghuinke substation, Sialkot-Pakistan 4. 132/11kV AIS Kamra substation, Attock-Pakistan 5. External electrification of Askari Villas Phase-II, Lahore-Pakistan 6. Electrification & Networking for Kohinoor City Faisalabad 7. Supply, supervision of installation and testing of MV and LV equipment for external electrification of DHA Phase-6 Lahore-Pakistan 8. External Electrification of New Campus at H 12, National University of Science & Technology (NUST) Islamabad-Pakistan 9. External electrification for Housing complex – Iqbal Avenue housing society Lahore-Pakistan 10. Testing of 120MW Balloki Power Plant 11. Protection testing of 234 MW Sapphire Power Plant 12. External electrification of Housing Complex for House Building Finance Corporation Lahore-Pakistan 13. External electrification of DHA Homes Complex Lahore-Pakistan 14. External electrification of Housing Complex for DHA phase-8 Lahore-Pakistan


1. Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 3×100/125/160MVA, 220/132kV indoor GIS Substation at Shalamar Lahore 2. Three(3) No.132/33KV Substations, in Nigeria 3. 132/11kV indoor GIS Sheranwala Gate substation, Lahore-Pakistan 4. 220kV Dadu grid station Extension Dadu-Pakistan 5. 132/11kV FIEDMC AIS substation Faisalabad-Pakistan 6. Electrification of 4 small towns (Mangla Dam raising project) 7. Supply and Construction of HT/LT electrical works and HVAC equipment at SICPA Inks Factory Karachi 8. Electrification Work at Anchorage Islamabad (Naval Officers Housing Scheme) ICT Zone-V, Islamabad 9. Design, Supply, Transportation to Site, Erection, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Transformers & Medium Voltage Switchgears at 30.4MW Jagran Power Station


PEL has advanced engineering services that uses state-of-the-art electronic equipment operated by highly skilled and experienced engineers to provide utility and industrial customers with a fast, non-invasive health check of the electrical equipments. The services department of PEL brings together the ability, skills and associated product knowledge to provide a comprehensive range of services. These services provide the best possible solutions for you and allow you to have the peace of mind in the knowledge that your electrical power and distribution assets are being effectively working.


We Provide Services In:

  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • MV Instrument Transformers
  • Control & Protection Panels
  • MV & LV Panels
  • Generators

Our Services Include:

  • Diagnostic and assessment services
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Remanufacturing services
  • Installation and commissioning services
  • Engineering Consultancy and services
  • Customer Training
  • Other services (Factory Based HV Test)



Pak Electron Limited (PEL) is proud of its position as a leading Current Transformer and Potential Transformer manufacturer in Pakistan since 1978. Instrument Transformer Section (ITR) was initially established to fulfill the requirement of Switch Gear Department within the Factory. With the Increase in demand of ITRs, PEL also increased its capacity. As Part of our business DNA, we are very Customer oriented. With our custom designed Current Transformer and Potential Transformer, we have built the desirable reputation of providing durable, well designed, cost optimized and short lead time Instrument transformers and associated products. Our qualified and knowledgeable Engineering team always strives to find commercially best solution for each project. PEL has been manufacturing Instrument Transformers for WAPDA, K-Electric and private customers successfully for the past several years.

Product Range:

  • High Voltage Current Transformers up to 15 kV & 3000 A
  • Low Voltage Current Transformers up to 600 V & 6300 A
  • Single Phase Potential Transformers up to 15 kV
  • Double Pole Potential Transformers up to 15 kV
  • Control Transformers
  • Cast Resin Products
  • Ring Type Bushing Current Transformers for Power Transformers

For custom design, we consider below mentioned Parameter and then submit an offer based on the information provided.

  • Ratio of Transformer
  • Burden or VA
  • Accuracy Class (0.2, 0.5, 1 etc.)
  • Protection Relay Used (Class 5P, 10P etc.)
  • Dimensions
  • Installation Environment (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • Preferred Transformer Finish (Tape/Fish/Mylar, Resin Encapsulation, Oil Filled)
  • Insulation Level
  • Standard (IEC,WAPDA, KE)